About Cap. Phil

captphil2I caught my first fish in Lake George in upstate NY when I was seven years old.  In a lake full of quality Smallmouth bass, I managed to catch a Bluegill.  Not my best day. Several years later, I moved to Long Island and fished the stream and lakes of Nassau and Suffolk counties for Trout, and the jetties for Stripers and Blues.  In 1989 my wife and I moved to Lake Sinclair in Georgia, and I began doing some serious fishing for Largemouth Bass, participating in tournaments over the next fifteen years in Georgia, Alabama and the Carolinas. I got my Captain’s license in 2012, and I can’t imagine doing something that is more fun or more rewarding.

When we moved to Florida, I thought I was going to fish Lake Okeechobee, the Chain of Lakes and all of the other great Largemouth areas that Florida has to offer.  But then a friend took me to Lemon Bay for some flats fishing, and my boat never saw fresh water after that.  Since then, I’ve fished with some of the best Captains on the West Coast: Jay Withers and Blake Beerbower in Port Charlotte, Geoff Page and Kelly Stillwell in Sarasota and, of course, Capt. Rick Murphy, who showed me how to catch big Tarpon and get them to the boat down in Flamingo in the Everglades.  I’ve developed a tremendous love of flats fishing, and I would love to share that with you.