Fish Tales

Pics from our excursions…

Bob Halsted with an 8lb Jack Crevalle caught on a fly rod in Lemon Bay.  Way to go, Bob!!

fish3    fish2  fish6

Dear Captain Phil,
Just a short note to thank you for a great day on the water with my granddaughter! Caught 17 fish in about 3 hours on a less than perfect day! Most guides have a hard time catering to the needs of more than one type of client at the same time but you made it work….not only did you make my 8 yr old granddaughter feel very comfortable and at-ease, she had a ball learning something about fishing and how “creepy” live shrimp feel in her hand.  She also is still bragging about the fact that she caught the most fish among us (I think it was 8 Mangrove Snapper and 1 “giant” Snook)!

While you were able to keep her entertained for the entire trip, you were skilled and versatile enough to also put this fly-fisherman on some very nice fish, including a number of large Jack’s!!

I’ve attached a couple of the pictures of our trip….they don’t do the day justice as the trip created many more memories than a couple of pictures can recreate. Hope to get back out with The Happy Snooker in the near future!

Thanks much,
Papa Bob and Grace


Paul LaBell with a 15lb snook caught in Lemon Bay


Hi Capt. Phil,
Here are photos of yesterday’s successful trip.  As I said yesterday, I’m quite impressed with your ability to put us on some quality fish under those brutal conditions.  Thankfully, full feeling has returned to all but two of my fingertips.  I had a great time despite the cold and learned a lot from you.  I think I have the two knots down to where I can tie them reasonably well, though it will take a lot more practice to make them second nature.  I’m just now learning to work with some of these newer lines after decades of nothing but mono.  I really like how that braid performed yesterday.

You really have nice equipment and a great boat to fish out of.  It makes the fishing experience so much nicer.  Please let me know when the redfish and trout return to the forefront.

Thanks again for a great day on the water!
Ted Springer

photo-5  photo-6  andy

Boy O Boy, I can not begin to tell  you the fun that we had,  being out on a boat and challenging the fish, and getting adrenalin flowing. Thank you so much Capt. Phil, had a great time.  I’LL BE BACK!!
Thank you again, Andy the dock bouncer from Wis.  An excellent guide taught me that!!!!

Feb-snook-2 Johns-Jack-Crevalle Pauls-big-October-snook Uncle-Dennis-Snook

10-year-old-Seamus-with-his-first-ever-snook  10-year-old-Nick-with-a-nice-19-trout  Vic-with-a-BIG-snook  Captain-Paul-with-a-huge-snook